Known For: Featured in Barrett-Jackson with massive car collection

It wasn't difficult for her, nor was it a surprise that Allen got into cars. Her dad was a car junkie, buying new cars every two years, and her first car was a '76 Ford Mustang. Her first collector's car was a '60 Jaguar. That collection is now up to 120 cars. One-two-zero, as in tens more than any of your favorite rapper car collectors. She keeps them in three airplane hangars in Grand Junction, CO and they include a '58 Austin Healey, an '89 Lotus Espirit, and a '49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan. Those are just ones she's purchased recently. You could probably spend the night in one of those hangars, and you'd come out the next morning extremely cultured, filled with random historical facts, and know where the water pumps are located on all '66 Chevys.