Wes Welker's wife Anna Burns Welker was pissed off after the Ravens beat her husband's Patriots on Sunday night. So, she did what everyone seems to do these days when they're pissed off—she took to social media and said a bunch of things that she'd come to regret later. Specifically, she ripped the media for showing so much love to Ray Lewis and encouraged people to look at his Wikipedia page to see all the bad things he has done in the past.

"If anyone is bored," she wrote on her Facebook page, "please go to Ray Lewis' Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!"

But, she didn't stay mad forever. So, once she got over the pain of watching the Pats lose—and once the media got hold of her words and threw them up everywhere—she regretted writing those things about Lewis and issued an apology last night for saying them.

"I'm deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook," she said in a statement. "I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday's game. It is such an accomplishment for any team to make it to the NFL playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the accomplishments of both of these amazing teams."

Apology accepted? We'll have to wait and see what Lewis thinks. But, either way, let this be a lesson to all of the WAGs out there: Chill. It's not worth getting all worked up over a game.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]