Vince Young isn't Sure if he Signed Off on a $1.9 Million Loan

Vince Young isn't Sure if he Signed Off on a $1.9 Million LoanAP Photo

There are different types of struggle when it comes to athletes. There's your "Damn, hate it had to be him struggle" and your "C'mon son" struggle. Vince Young is a "C'mon son" struggle, and it's an ongoing thing. Apparently the fallen quarterback took out a $1.9 million during the NFL lockout, which he's disputing. Young's ridiculous defense is that he never read the documents for the loans. He isn't even sure if he signed the papers: “All I know is I probably could have signed some of them, and I feel like some of them are fishy.”

You'd figure someone would make such a mistake if $1.9 million was a small amount, which it would be if it was someone who was rich. You know, someone who is not Vince Young.

As for his reason for making such a mistake: "I went to sign some papers that my financial adviser asked me to go over and sign, but I don’t remember what it was. I’d just go and sign and get out of there.”

Like we said, it's a "C'mon son" type of struggle.

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[via Pro Football Talk]

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