While most sports fans were busy being captivated by the thrilling NFL divisional playoff matchups this weekend, a bit of sports x gossip news made some headlines, too. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have officially ended their divorce proceedings. It looks like 2013 is doing everything in its power to discredit that famous Drake line. Earlier this month, we found out Drizzy apologized to Vanessa about it, and this past weekend, she revealed on Instagram that she's back together with Kobe. The Twitterverse then unified over the fact that true love does exist in this crazy, crazy world. Kidding! Twitter saw a variety of responses to the news, and we compiled some of the best ones in the following slides. Will "Konessa" become a popular couple this year? Check out what the people think in Twitter Reacts to Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's Reconciliation.

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