There's really nothing new about athletes selling off their championship rings. While most of them hang on to them forever—after all, they are the reason that athletes play their respective sports…er, right?—there have been plenty of athletes who, for one reason or another, have sold their championship rings in the past. So, then why are we telling you about this one? Well, for two reasons: One, because someone actually had the audacity (*Stephen A. Smith voice) to put a price tag of $25,000 on a 2005 White Sox World Series ring without even saying who used to own it. And, two, because we just know that this auction has to piss off all the Cubs fans out there.

Seriously, guys. Which one of you wants to pony up $25K for this thing? It might be the only way you ever get the chance to see one of these. Sad but true.

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[via Big League Stew]