The Hornets have been exterminated from New Orleans. Nearly a decade after the Charlotte Hornets moved to the Big Easy, the team has finally gone ahead and changed their team name to reflect their city. They just announced that, beginning next season, they will no longer be known as the Hornets. Instead, they'll be known as the Pelicans, because the pelican is Louisiana's official state bird. It also appears on the state flag and the state seal.

Check out the Hornets Pelicans new logo above as well as a breakdown of the other logos the Pelicans will use on their uniforms, merchandise, floors, etc. Like it, love it, or hate it?

UPDATE: The Hornets just put up a fact sheet that will teach you more about Pelicans than you ever thought you needed to know. Peep it here. NOW!

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[via SB Nation]