Announcer: Don Taylor
Date: 3/21/2008

They call this a Freudian slip, and it happens when some desire or feeling you've tried to suppress emerges from the sticky muck of your unconscious to wag its big dick around in everyone's face, like, "Oh, I spend all my time trying not to look at dicks, or talk about dicks, or think about dicks, and here I am, talking about burly men skating around for the pleasure of a roaring crowd, these gifted burly men with beards and hair damp with sweat and exertion, and one of them does something extra gifted, makes a great save or the like, and instead of talking about the extraordinary moment, I just say the word 'dick.'"

The Freud guy, the cigar-chomper, he inhabited a world where everything was penises and vaginas, wall-to-wall genitalia. For Freud, walking into a room was akin to stepping into a vagina. Oh, you're holding a pencil? Might as well be gripping cock. Don Taylor didn't want to say "dick," but unfortunately for Don Taylor, dicks are everywhere. They're even making great hockey saves.