The 25 Most Dysfunctional Relationships in Sports History

21. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

Fellas, watch your phone. It's the male equivalent of a diary, except nobody keeps a diary anymore and it's hard to claim artistic license with a camera roll full of sexts. Ladies, don't date professional basketball players. If you follow our advice, you'll avoid ending up like Tony Parker and Eva Longoria (and, like, 14 other slides on this list).

As the story goes, Longoria perused her husband's smart phone and stumbled across more than Instagram'd meal pictures. Longoria discovered hundreds of texts between Parker and his Spurs teammate Brent Barry's wife. Oops. After their divorce, Longoria claimed that Parker's infidelity was not limited to Erin Barry and had a tattoo of her wedding date removed from her wrist.

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