The 25 Most Dysfunctional Relationships in Sports History

13. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

You know that couple that gets drunk, starts fighting, breaks up, and then spends the rest of the party "working things out" in a tear-filled "serious talk" with a make-up sex encore? That's Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. The fairytale romance began—as they often do—on the set of a Eastsidaz video shoot where Vanessa was a back-up dancer. Their marriage has played like a decade-long version of "Sensual Seduction," with rampant rumors of Bryant's infidelity. After dodging a sexual assault charge in 2003, Bryant purchased Vanessa a $4M "apology ring" and skated on a divorce settlement worth over $100M when the couple reconciled earlier this year. It must be cheaper to keep her.

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