In the saddest case of he-said-she-said ever, Jason called his wife crazy and claimed that she monitored him with a secret tracking device installed in his car. If you haven't been able to tell by now, divorce hearings get pretty nasty. Not to be outdone, Joumana countered by saying that the 10-time All-Star slept with strippers, was an alcoholic, and beat her.

We're not sure who to believe, but in 2001 Kidd was arrested for allegedly punching Joumana in the mouth. And just last year, he crashed his car while partying in the Hamptons. Joumana, on the other hand, famously had her son steal Jason's phone from the Nets locker room in 2006, and berated him with evidence during the game from her court side seats. We're just glad these two are separated.