Sport: Basketball
Accomplishments: Al: Won the 1977 NCAA championship as the head coach of Marquette, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee; Dick: 1949 NBA assists leader, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee

While the McGuire brothers may not be a household name among most sports fans, they hold quite a major distinction as the only brothers inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Al is best known for his stint as the head coach of Marquette, where in 1977 (his final season) he led them to the only NCAA championship in school history. His brother Dick was one of the best guards in the1950s NBA, finishing in the top 10 in assists every year throughout the decade. If you want to know why Carmelo Anthony doesn't wear No. 15 for the Knicks, McGuire is the answer; the number has been retired twice, once for McGuire and once for Earl Monroe.