Wifey Of: Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings (NFL)
Occupation: TV Personality

Most college football fans remember where they were on September 5, 2005, when an ABC camera fortuitously panned across the crowd at the Florida State-Miami football game and landed upon a busty brunette we soon learned to be named Jenn Sterger. It was like seeing Randy Moss effortlessly glide past defenders or Albert Pujols easily swat home runs off of hapless pitchers; such was the raw talent on display that day.

Sterger would go on to become a successful host of multiple sports TV programs, but would ultimately make headlines as the object of then-New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre's textual desires. Whether anything actually happened between the two is anyone's guess, but if the evidence is to be believed, then it seems likely that Favre came up just a bit short.