Weren't you impressed with the Patriots offense yesterday? Despite losing Rob Gronkowski to a broken forearm in the first quarter of their game against the Texans, they were still able to fire on all cylinders all afternoon and put up 41 points to get a win. But, one person who most definitely was not impressed by what the Pats were able to do was Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo. Rather than give the Pats props, he spent yesterday afternoon ripping New England on Twitter for running a "gimmick" offense against Houston. And, when Pats fans got on him about it, he responded by throwing up a tweet that said "18-1," a reference to the way that New England's 2007 season ended with a Super Bowl loss to the Giants. Here are the tweets that he sent out:

Shots fired, for sure. And, if these tweets are any indication, the AFC Championship Game should be epic this year. We can't wait.

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[via ESPN]