Has Rex Ryan lost his damn mind? Or, is he just playing the craziest gag of all time on the New York tabloids?

Yesterday, the Jets head coach—who is down in the Bahamas right now trying to recuperate from his team's 6-10 2012-13 NFL season—was spotted lounging by the pool at The Atlantis resort listening to his iPod and reading a book. No big deal, right? But, in doing so, Ryan was also showing off a new tattoo on his right arm. And, that tattoo appears to feature his wife Michelle wearing Mark Sanchez's No. 6 jersey and nothing else.

So, what gives here? Did Rex Ryan really get that bizarre image tattooed on his arm? Or, is he sitting in his room at The Atlantis this morning laughing his ass off because the New York Daily News just put a photo of a temporary tattoo on their cover? Guess we'll find out next Tuesday when Ryan and the Jets finally get around to doing their final press conference of the season. Ryan's explanation should be priceless.

Check out the thumbs gallery to see the tat in question.

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[via NY Daily News]