Robert Griffin III was still recovering from the right knee injury he suffered during Week 14's game against the Baltimore Ravens. Still, after only one game off, Griffin III kept playing on. But all you needed to do was to look with your own eyes to know RGIII wasn't 100% healthy. Then, last night happened.

One bad snap led to an awkward turn of his knee and an MRI test which revealed "possible partial tears of his anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments, according to several people with knowledge of the test results," according to the Washington Post. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan will be in Pensacola, Florida on Tuesday to visit orthopedic surgeon James Andrews who will see if the damage is new or from the torn ACL that RGIII suffered back at Baylor in 2009. 

There are plenty of rumors floating around about the extent of RGIII's injury, but will need to just wait and see if Griffin will require exploratory surgery to determine the extent of the damage to his knee or no surgery at all. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.  

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