You know that heartbreaking story of Manti Te'o's girlfriend dying of leukemia...y'know, the one who wasn't real? Te'o said they were really close, which makes it even weirder that he was able to rebound so quickly. TMZ uncovered photos of the (in)famous college linebacker hanging out with a very, very, very attractive and real woman, who's pictured in the above thumbnail. Her name is Alexandria del Pilar and sources told TMZ that she met Te'o on Nov. 10 when Notre Dame played Boston College.

TMZ was informed the two dated for two months and broke up recently. We're not sure exactly how close Te'o and Pilar were, but Pilar tweeted a photo of some leis Te'o gave her on Nov. 16. That's real.

ESPN will have quite the episode of 30 for 30 if it ever decides to make one about this story, especially with all this information still trickling out.

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[via TMZ]