After he got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez back in early December, Manny Pacquiao was suspended from boxing for 120 days. He was also ordered to undergo brain testing and, according to numerous reports, that testing did not go well. But, it sounds like neither of those things is going to deter Pacman from fighting again in the near future. In fact, his chief adviser Mike Koncz says that Pacquiao is already planning to fight on April 13 or April 20 in either Singapore, Abu Dhabi, or Macau. No opponent has been selected, but it's very close to being a done deal.

"We're not interested in the U.S. for this fight," Koncz said recently, before citing "tax reasons" as the reason for that. "We haven't started looking at the opponent until we find the venue. But, there's no problem. We hope to finalize things this coming week."

Is Pacquiao really ready to fight, though?! Or, are his people rushing him back into the ring to cash in on whatever star power he's got left? It's probably a little bit of both. But, either way, you can expect Pacquiao to be boxing again within the next few months. Anyone out there excited?

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[via Philippine Star]