When: 4/2/2000

Kobe has been on the losing end of a couple fights in his day. First up is his little dust up with Chris Childs. Words were exchanged and Bryant hits him with a elbow to the chest. Childs head-butts him to create some space and immediately hits him with a two piece and a biscuit. Both were fined and suspended; Childs for two games, Kobe for one. Another fight Kobe brought on himself was his 2002 scuffle with Reggie Miller. With the Lakers up 12 with seconds left to play, Bryant fired up a three in Reggie's face. As they were walking to their respective benches, Miller must've said the magic words because Bryant tries to punch him in the face. The two then proceed to dance on top of the scorer's table until it was broken up. Both were fined and suspended one game.