When: 12/20/2005

This was probably one of Kobe's lesser known feats on the floor. On December 20, 2005 at the Staples Center, the Mamba put up 62 on Dallas without playing the fourth quarter. Now we know what you're probably thinking: "Why the hell didn't he play the fourth!?", because by the end of the third they were up 34 and he had outscored the entire Mavs team 62-61. Mind you, this was no scrub team. This wasn't the Raptors in '06, this was a Dallas team that won 60 games that season and eventually ended up in the Finals only to fall to D-Wade and Shaq in Miami. The term "unstoppable" doesn't seem to really do the trick for this moment and the fact that he only played three quarters kind of only adds to the legend because who knows what he could have ended up with. Also, props for the mean chest bangs to let all the fans know what time it was.