It sounded like such a good idea. During a game that was held last Friday, the Rapid City Rush—a team that plays in the Central Hockey League—decided to hold their first-ever "College Olympics" promotion on a night when college students received two tickets for the price of one. In order to compete, several college students were asked to chug four beers quickly, ride around the ice on top of a cooler, and then spin around on hockey sticks for a set amount of time. Sounds like fun, right?

Er, yeah, if you're at a frat party. But, as you'd probably expect, not everything went according to plan. Or, worse yet, it did go according to plan (the Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Rush seemed pretty happy with the results and called them "the highlight to this game so far" on Twitter) but it didn't receive the reaction the Rush were hoping for from their fans. During the promotion, two of the students who participated got sick and threw up all over the ice. And, that didn't sit well with the crowd, because not everyone who was in attendance was a college student. There were also families, kids, and season ticket holders who came to watch hockey, not drinking games.

"It was almost enough to quit as a four-year season ticket holder of two seats," one man said after the game. "The Rush can do better. My wife and I were disappointed as there are many youngsters easily impressed by inappropriate behavior, and many adults that do not want to see the promotion of drinking and vomiting at a public venue in the name of entertainment."

You don't say! Fortunately, the Rush quickly realized that, while the idea sounded good on paper, the results of the promotion were bringing them the wrong kind of publicity. So, they just issued an apology and said that they won't be running anymore promotions like it in the future. Sorry, frat boys. You'll have to stick to holding the "College Olympics" in your dirty basement again next year.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]