A fresh start, turning over a new leaf, rebooting, blah blah, another cliché about the new year. These Lambo owners don't give a shit. Only a week into 2013, and we know there are at least five people in the world who have already had the worst year of their lives. We have seen news of two Aventadors, a Gallardo, a Gallardo Superleggera, and a Murciélago involved in some sort of crash. . You could pretty much open a brand new showroom with all those cars! Here's a quick rundown on each accident (in order of the photos): 

Superleggera: An unregistered car crashed in Xi An, when it the center barricade and swerved back across three lanes of traffic into the grass. 

White Aventador: The guy ran into a rickshaw! RIP to the headlight and front bumper. 

Gallardo: During a fireworks show in Marina Bay, Singapore, this driver went nose first into a sky bridge. 

Murciélago: Drunk supercar driving on New Year's eve in Malaysia

Matte Black Aventador: Somebody overran a turn at a Chinese Race Circuit and got stuck in a gravel trap. 

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