Check Out Ravens' Bernard Pollard's Vicious Hit on the Patriots' Stevan Ridley (GIF)

We don't know what is it about Bernard Pollard when he plays against the Patriots, but it almost never bodes well for New England. He ended Tom Brady's season in 2008 with a low hit that tore his ACL, destroyed Wes Welker's ACL the next year with a tackle, and injured Rob Gronkowski with a high ankle sprain in the last AFC Championship. His latest victim is Stevan Ridley. Pollard pretty much popped the running back, which forced a fumble and sent Ridley spiraling down like a ragdoll.

This was huge, because Anquan Boldin's following 11-yard touchdown catch put the game on ice. The Patriot Killer isn't nothing to mess with.

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[via Business Insider]

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