As it turns out, Carmelo Anthony didn't want to fight Kevin Garnett after the Knicks/Celtics game last night. Yeah, yeah, we know what you're thinking right now—"Honey Nut Cheerios, son, HONEY NUT CHEERIOS!"—but 'Melo talked to the media for the first time since the incident in question a little while ago and revealed that he wasn't looking for a fight last night. He just wanted to holler at KG about a few things that he said to 'Melo during the game.

"I think it was something that we both needed to get off our chests and see what was really the problem," he said. "It wasn't no altercations, it was just some words and [a] conversation that we needed to have."

According to a league source who spoke with ESPN New York, that convo eventually went down over the phone last night a few minutes after 'Melo was caught on tape standing outside the Celtics team bus. And, now, both players are ready to put the whole thing behind them.

"It's certain things that you just don't say to men, another man," Anthony said without revealing exactly what was said. "I felt that he crossed the line. Like I said, we're both at an understanding right now, we handled it the way we handled it. Nobody needs to know what was said behind closed doors. So, that situation is handled."

Consider 'Melo and KG's "beef" dead. Er, for now. The Knicks and Celtics play again on January 24. Mark it on your calendars now.

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[via ESPN New York]