Ben Baller has come quite a long way, when it comes to the cars he's owned and driven. After starting off in an '89 Honda Accord, Ben recently tweeted that Lexus gave him a $500,000 LFA. We were curious how he got the car, how long he had it, and what it was like, so we hit him up. Here's what he had to say: 

"Lexus North America knows I have a big following, and they want to tap into my demographic since it's pretty wide. They have provided me with a 2010 Lexus LFA #32 of 500 for my second season of shooting. It wasn't just for the shoot for DUB mag.
"It's unreal how fast the car is and how much it DOES NOT feel like a Japanese car. Doesn't feel like the GT-R and the speed again is so insane, so quick. The sound is unbelievable, and when in sport mode, the exhaust tone and sound is much faster when revving.
"I don't go crazy on it. I just drive it when shooting... I don't want any unnecessary drama if the car gets hit or etc... I already have my brand new Rolls and that's paid for and covered... just saying." 

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[via Reddit]