What's the easiest way to make $100 in the NBA? If you answered, "Sit on the end of the bench and look interested for 15 seconds," we've got one word for you: WRONG! That's actually not the easiest way to make 100 bucks (though, for the record, that is one of the easiest ways...). The easiest way to make some extra cash is actually to play alongside Roy Hibbert on the Pacers.

During last night's game against the Bobcats, Indiana was up big late in the contest so Pacers coach Frank Vogel put in a bunch of his reserves to finish off the game. But, before he did, Hibbert got to them and told them that if they could hold Charlotte to under 80 points for the game, he'd give them each $100. And, not surprisingly, they did it. The Pacers won 103-76.

Talk about easy money! For $100, we're pretty sure that we could hold the Bobcats under 80. Just sayin'.

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[via Indianapolis Star]