When we found out that America's two biggest professional sports car racing series were going to merge, we were thrilled. We love both series, but because of the competition we couldn't see them surviving. The class structure has been changed around, and this is what we're looking at now:


  • No more LMP1 cars - Sad news, the Audi R18 and Lola cars have just been kiced out of 'Merica.
  • Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes, the Nissan Deltawing, and ALMS P2 cars are merging into one class.
  • ALMS Prototype Challenge will still be its own thing.
  • The Grand-Am GT and ALMS GTC are merging.
  • ALMS GT will remain separate.
  • Grand-Am GX will debut this year, and will probably continue as-is.

We have to go lie down now... acronym overload.

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[via Grand-Am/ALMS]