Travis Pastrana and his crew of daredevils show their affinity for camaraderie in their movie release of Nitro Circus 3D. The film is based off of the original television series that is mainly built around Pastrana and his friends traveling the world while performing death-defying stunts left and right while having a good time.

Pastrana who already has dealt with virtually every injury imaginable (broken tibula and fibia, torn ACL and MCL, and broken spine just to name a few) in his diverse athletic career that has featured ventures in Motocross with the X Games, racing for NASCAR, and of course his jaw-dropping stunts. In 2008, ESPN Films did a documentary on Pastrana aptly titled 199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story.

The daredevils do a variety of stunts that span back-flipping a bike between two 60-story buildings to going airborne to destroy their friends in a life size high-speed game of freedom flyers. The stunts leave spectators in awe, and have people wondering about safety, but the show makes sure to let the viewer know that they are trained professionals. 

Nitro Circus is out DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD right now.