Rookies in every professional sport are constantly being hazed. In most cases, the hazing involves carrying around a Dora The Explorer bookbag for a few days and bringing donuts to the veterans before morning practices. But, the Cleveland Cavaliers are putting a new spin on things. Prior to last night's game against the Chicago Bulls, Cavs head coach Byron Scott presented his three rookies—Dion Waters, Tyler Zeller, and Kevin Jones—with baby dolls and pink strollers and told them to start bringing the babies everywhere they go.

"Apparently, you've got to carry milk and Pampers in this little pink bag," Jones told reporters after the Cavs' 95-85 loss. "You've got to make sure it's always full with that [stuff] and bring it in and out of the arena with you, and you get in trouble if you don't have it with you."

And, what happens if you don't have it with you?

"I don't know," Jones said. "I don't want to find out."

Ha! Enjoy "fatherhood," fellas.

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[via Cavs: The Blog]