What's in nickname? Apparently New Orleans Hornets fans are about to find out. According to Yahoo! Sports, the franchise will be ditching their current nickname to become the New Orleans Pelicans and the change can happen as early as next season.  If you're wondering what connection the pelican has to New Orleans, the brown pelican is the official bird of Louisiana.

The Hornets have had their nickname since the franchise was founded in Charlotte back in 1988. New team owner, Tom Benson,the older man pictured above who also owns the New Orleans Saintsis the man behind the name change. He owns the rights to the Pelicans nickname.

Pelicans. Those pesky birds you see at the beach that attack unsuspecting weathermen on occasion. But an NBA franchise? That'll take some getting used to. Apparently Mr. Benson and Tony Montana are pelican fans and those are the only opinions that matter for now.

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