Team(s): N/A
Sport: Raquetball
Years Played: 1976-1990

Accolades: 8x Professional Raquetball Player of the Year (1977-1982, 1986, 1989), Named No. 1 Raquetball Player of All Time by the National Raquetball Magazine, USA Raquetball Hall of Fame (1997), First Millionaire in the History of Raquetball, Winner of the Pro Raquetball Nationals, Outdoor Raquetball Nationals, and the Paddleball Nationals (1979)

Badass Justification: Okay, okay, before you say raquetball isn't a real sport, just hear us out. Marty Hogan wasn't just a raquetball player, he was like the Bobby Fischer of the damn thing. He was an eight-time Professional Player of the Year and was ranked as the number one raquetball player of all time. Come on son, how many people can say they're in the top 10 of anything, let alone number one? A member of the USA Raquetball Hall of Fame (we didn't know that existed either), Hogan was also the first millionaire in the history of the sport. This guy really is the model candidate for a list of badass Jewish sports figures. Here's one more for you. Hogan lost only four matches in three years during his prime. Game, set, match.