Accomplishments (1981-1982 - 1988-1989): 8x All-Star, 1x Finals MVP, 5x All-NBA, 1x Assists Leader, 1x Champion
Team(s): Pistons
Stats (1981-1982 - 1988-1989): 20.3 PPG 3.7 RPG 9.8 APG 2.1 SPG
'80s Highlights 

Nevermind his unfortunate career as an executive, Zeke was a cold-hearted killer on the basketball court. He stood at 6'1", but one couldn't tell by his play. Thomas often played injured and was the captain of the Bad Boy Pistons army. He was able to take over games when the going got tough. Thomas scored when he saw fit and was also unselfish—he averaged 13.8 assists during the 1984-1985 season. Thomas was the type of guy that smiled at you before the game and didn't hesitate to throw 'bows when it was time to close the show. The Baby-Faced Assassin relentlessly drove into the teeth of opposing defenses to wreak havoc and possibly start a fight or two.