We like small cars. We're unapologetic about our affair, and dammit if we don't love blasting "To the World" in the face of haters who can't park in the same spots we can!

Subaru has just unveiled a new bit of forbidden fruit: The Japan-bound Pleo +. The automaker hasn't delivered a kei car to America in roughly 40 years. Still, a few guys in Manhattan can hope, right? Based on the Dahihatsu Mira e:S, the Pleo + promises 71 mpg from 51 horsepower and a 650cc three-cylinder engine. Of course, this isn't rubber burning power. Who cars? This car is for dipping through crowded city streets and inducing envy and smiles from pedestrians.

Never mistake it for one of these chick cars we wouldn't be caught dead in.

[via Left Lane News]