When Tim Tebow played quarterback for the Broncos last season, Skip Bayless made it his mission to tell the world about how great Tebow was playing despite the fact that he was throwing passes to wide receiver Eric Decker. We're not really sure why, but he seemed to have some sort of vendetta against Decker who, to the best of our knowledge, looked like a pretty decent wide receiver. And yet, every time we turned on ESPN First Take, Bayless was taking shots at him. So, when Decker scored two touchdowns yesterday to become the first Broncos player ever to grab 20 touchdowns in two years, his girlfriend Jessie James took a moment to call Bayless out on Twitter.

How awesome is that? Peep some more photos of Jessie in our thumbs gallery. This girl is obviously a keeper, Eric. Don't ever let her go.

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[via Jessie James]