A book called 4th and Goal: One Man's Quest to Recapture His Dream about former TD Ameritrade CEO/current Coastal Carolina head coach Joe Moglia, who infamously quit his job to pursue a head coaching position in the UFL back in 2009, was released recently. And, in the book, writer Monte Burke details Moglia's journey and highlights some of the things he's done since leaving Ameritrade.

In one part of the book, Burke talks about Moglia's time with the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks and a program called "Life After Football" that he used to run when he was with the team. He also reveals some pretty crazy things about one of Moglia's most prolific Nighthawks players, former Ohio State University and Denver Broncos running back Maurice Clarett. Burke says that Clarett confirmed what most of us already suspected to be true during a "Life After Football" session: That some college athletes get paid—secretly, of course—to play college sports and that they don't work all that hard in school, either.

"I took golf, fishing, and softball as classes," he said in the book. "Away from class, anything you can think of I did in my 13 months at Ohio State…I was living the NFL life in college. I got paid more in college than I do now in the UFL."

Burke also writes about how Clarett worked very hard to turn his life around after he experienced a series of problems in his life.

"I don't want people to say, 'Don't be like Maurice Clarett,'" he said. "In fact, I want the opposite. I want people to see me now and say they want to be like me. And, I'm working every day to earn that."

Sounds like a hell of a book. For more explosive revelations from Clarett, check out some of the other stuff Deadspin dug up in it. Crazy stuff.

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