If there's anybody who embodies what a 6-foot-2, 225-pound package of struggle looks like, it's Mark Sanchez. He needed a huge game yesterday against the Cardinals to make up for the failure of a game he played against the Patriots on Thanksgiving. But, he ended up completing eight of his first nine passes...with three of those passes going to the other team. Cue the facepalm.

Sanchez's day didn't get much better, either, so Rex Ryan mercifully benched him in favor of Greg McElroy in the third quarter. The backup exceeded expectations (not that they were really that high anyway) and scored on his first drive on a one-yard touchdown pass to tight end Jeff Cumberland. That would be New York's only touchdown of the game, but, fortunately for the Jets, Arizona played just as poorly. Ryan Lindley went 10-of-31 for 72 yards in the Cardinals' 7-6 loss. So, yeah, this wasn't a very good game.

But, have the Jets actually found a competent quarterback in McElroy?

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