We can't believe we're actually saying this, but...HOW AWESOME IS IT TO BE A WIZARDS FAN RIGHT NOW?!

Last night, the Wiz shocked the basketball world by upsetting the Heat 105-101 in front of a crowd of 17,761 fans that included Robert Griffin III (peep a photo of him at the game in the thumbs). And, that wasn't the only good thing that happened for Wizards fans, either. In addition to watching their team earn just their second victory of the 2012-13 NBA season, Wizards fans also won free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches after LeBron James missed a pair of free throws with 2:30 remaining in the fourth quarter. As part of a special "Fowl Shot" promotion, Chick-Fil-A gives away free food anytime a player misses two consecutive free throws during a Wizards game. So, when LBJ missed two straight, he didn't just help the Wizards win; he helped their fans win, too.

That LeBron James is one great guy. No wonder he was named the "Sportsman of the Year" earlier this week.

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[via CSN Washington]