Remember when Kendrick Perkins deleted his Twitter account back in February? No? Then, let us remind you. He quit after all the negative feedback he got as a result of this. HA! Remember now? Bet it's been awhile since you saw that, right? It's still as crazy as it was back in February.

Anyway…KP is back! That's right. After taking about 10 months off, the Thunder center is back on Twitter and, as the title of this post suggests, his tweets are better than ever. Just check out a few of the hard-hitting thoughts he's delivered so far:

Have you hit "Follow" yet? C'mon! What in the world are you waiting for? If the world really does end tomorrow, do you want to go out without the satisfaction of having read Perkins' final tweets? Let us answer that for you: "NO!" So, start following him now.

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[via Deadspin]