How does coach Woody feel about it?

He likes my music. He thinks I’m pretty good with words. He doesn’t want me focusing on it, but he understands that I use music to keep myself out of trouble. Everybody has a thing that they do outside of basketball that calms them and makes them chill. A lot of the guys on the team play golf, but I don’t play golf. I rap. Woody doesn’t see it as a bad thing at all. He just sees me as a 22-year old that likes to rap. As long as I’m not out here with my pants hanging down my ass,


Coach Woody doesn’t really care what I do, he just wants me to keep my pants up.


You used to do spoken word in high school. Do you still write every day?

I just write verses. I don’t write all day long. When I have something that needs to be said, I just write it down on my notepad in my iPhone.

Can we talk about when you’re expected to return?

There’s no exact date right now. I’m just working. I’m starting contact practice next week. I’m going to start getting hit with a pad and accepting contact again. After that, I’ll move into the stages of practicing with the team and from there we’ll be able to move ahead and set a date. As of right now, there's no date set in stone.

It’s headed in the right direction, though? 

Yes. I haven’t had any setbacks.

I’m excited to hear this mixtape because you spit better than some of the other NBA guys in the league that try to spit.

You’ll actually be able to listen to the music. A lot of times when you listen to NBA players, you’re so worried about evaluating their lyrics that you’re not listening to the music. I think that listening to this mixtape, you’ll totally forget it’s me.

You don’t feel like throwing any shots at these NBA rap cats?

I think that Stephen Jackson’s been running his mouth a lot and I think that at some point it’s going to have to be confronted (on the mic), but right now I’m not worried about it.

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