The Sultan of Brunei likes to buy cars. Sadly, he doesn't seem to like to drive them. As such, if you've got $1.8 million sitting around you can buy what is almost definitely his Ferrari Enzo that only has 175 factory miles on it on eBay. The listing says that it's the last brand new Enzo in existence. 

Jalopnik posited a case for this potentially being the Sultan's car; the Sultan did sell his Enzo in 2010, and it has a VIN that could possibly be the one in question, and it is described as Euro-spec. However, the seller has never sold anything on eBay before, the VIN could just as easily be fake, and a $2,000 deposit is being asked for.

Do you think it's legit, or just a clever way to separate a rich guy from his $2,000?

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[via Jalopnik]