Allen Iverson is still having issues with his money. We're don't think they're as bad as we originally thought they were. But, according to some new documents that he just filed as part of his ongoing divorce, AI is pulling in about $62,000 every month—and spending more than $350,000. What is he spending money on? Well, from the sound of things, bills, bills, and more bills. He claims he spends $10,000 a month on clothes, $5,000 a month on restaurants, $1,000 a month on dry cleaning, and more than $125,000 a month paying off creditors. But, despite all that, TMZ points out that dude is still driving a Maybach

Damn. We don't expect AI to be driving, like, a used Camry at this point in his life. But, he made more than $150 million during his career! Where the hell did it all go?! And, why doesn't he seem to be doing more to get some of it back? SMH.

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[via TMZ]