Sooo…Are you ready to read the craziest sports story of 2012?!

According to a new report by The Smoking Gun, former Olympic track star Suzy Favor-Hamilton spent the last year of her life (get this!) working as an escort in Las Vegas. Although she's married with one child—and although she runs a real estate brokerage in Madison, Wis. and does a lot of community work—Hamilton has been collecting $600-an-hour as an escort in Sin City for the last 12 months or so under the name "Kelly Lundy."

As a result of being exposed by The Smoking Gun, she recently quit her, er, night job. And, earlier today, she took to Twitter with a lengthy apology.

Pretty effing crazy, right? Wow. Peep some photos of Hamilton in the thumbs gallery above.

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[via The Smoking Gun]