The Porsche Cayman is a brilliant car. Some (including the person writing this) would say that it's Porsche's best car, as it offers superior dynamics and faster lap times than a significant number of 911 variants at a price point that is much smaller. As such, the updated Cayman has a lot riding on it. While we don't know much about the guts yet, we can expect it to be very similar to the well reviewed new Boxster, but possibly with just a tad more power.

Design wise, it also echoes the Boxster. It has the same exaggerated crease leading into the air intake, the same stacked head-lights, and the same tail-light/lip-spoiler set up in the rear. There's one thing that we find disappointing, however. The old Cayman's signature element, in our opinion, was how the roofline dove well below the hips of the car; it was beautiful and distinctive. Sadly, the new Cayman has a much more predictable fastback roofline. It still looks good, but it lacks that originality that made the Cayman stand out amidst it's massive and near-identical family.

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[via Jalopnik]

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