Date: 10/2/2012
Guest: Eric Mangini
Topic: Eric Mangini v. Skip Bayless on how to stop the Cowboys passing game

Eric Mangini was a pretty shitty NFL head coach, but he won a Super Bowl as defensive coordinator. We think it's safe to say he can out scheme Skip Bayless. In this clip, Mangini plays the role of adjunct professor to Bayless' mouthy undergrad in a discussion about defending the Cowboys.

At the minute mark, Stephen A. Smith chimes in via Skype to make a rare, heady point about Bayless looking like an ass for thinking he can out-coach a former NFL headset. At 2:38, a clearly defeated Bayless says, "I didn't get fired twice as head coach." A cheap shot at Mangini who was bounced after unsuccessful stints with the Jets and Browns. Bayless has made a career out of acting like Bill O'Reilly with a press pass, but this is especially prickish. Even for him.