Date: 9/14/2011
Guest: Chris Bosh
Topic: The painfully hilarious nickname of the Heat power forward.

Likely as a result of being unable to book LeBron James, First Take producers set up the world's lamest showdown by inviting Chris Bosh to join Bayless on set. Bayless—who often refers to Bosh as "Bosh Spice"—congratulates the 6-foot-11 professional athlete for having the balls to meet with him face to face. Bosh starts out with a perplexing, completely ridiculous lecture on his family's name. Bayless counters with a long-winded rant about Bosh's lack of aggression on the court. Then, Jamele Hill chimes in with a dizzying, senseless defense of Bosh. The event culminates with Bayless taking a rant into commercial while Bosh sits in his chair expressionless for 12 minutes.