Accomplishments (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 1999 Defensive Player of the Year, 4x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 1x All-Defense
Team(s): Hornets, Heat
Stats (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 21.1 PPG 10.1 RPG 1.5 APG 3.1 BPG
'90s Highlights

Zo often gets forgotten because of the era he came up in. Many forget that he was in the same draft as Shaq and also played in the shadows of the Dream, Patrick, and the Admiral. Mourning was one of the best defensive centers the game has ever seen. When the Hornets drafted him second overall to play alongside a young Larry Johnson, they had visions of banners hanging from the rafters. That marriage didn't last long as the two young stars never got along. Mourning was dealt to Miami after only three years in Charlotte. There he found success, making the playoffs consistently while establishing himself as one of the top pivots in the game and getting into epic battles (literally) with Grandmama's Knicks. After a short stint with the Nets, Alonzo returned to South Beach to back up Shaq and won a ring in 2006.