Team(s)Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trailblazers, Phoenix Suns
Danny Ainge is what you would call a tough son of a bitch. He was a young kid on the Celtics that wasn't afraid of anyone, which made him hated by opposing teams and their fans. He's gotten into it with Michael Jordan, Mario Elie, and Tree Rollins—a 7'1" giant. Tree hit Ainge with a nasty elbow because Ainge had been sneaking elbows all game; Danny straight up tackled Rollins and was ejected. His confrontational style made him annoying if he didn't play for your squad. Danny embraced the bad guy role saying, ''I got labeled a villain, and I started to love it. It got me fired up on the road. And I'm not claiming innocence. I deserved some of it.'' At least he owned up to it.