Accolades2010 FIBA Hall of Fame Inductee, Named to FIBA's 50 Greatest Players list

Oscar Schmidt is like the Michael Jordan of international hoops. He stood at 6'8" and could flat out shoot it. You don't get the name "Mao Santa" a.k.a."The Holy Hand" for nothing. The Brazilian legend played for 26 years (1974–2003) scoring a total of 49,703 points, about 11,000 more than Kareem. He also scored the most points in an Olympic game with 55 and averaged damn near 30 per contest in his Olympic career. Oscar had plenty of chances to play in the L, but instead chose to stay an amateur so he would be eligible to play for the Brazilian National Team. He once scored 46 points in a Pan-Am game vs. a US team that featured David Robinson, Danny Manning, and Pervis Ellison—a game Brazil won 120-115 after trailing 68-54 at halftime.