Accolades: 1998 Washington HS Player of the Year

Doug Wrenn used to do his thing in Seattle. He would give Jamal Crawford, Brandon Roy, and Nate Robinson the business on city courts. He was a 6'6" scorer with a bad temper. In 2003, he was a top ten high school prospect along with Melo, LeBron, and Wade. Doug averaged 22 PPG, 8.4 RPG, and 7.3 APG as a senior in high school and was expected to put up similar numbers in college.

Wrenn attended UConn, but then transferred back home to the Washington Huskies where he complained about playing time and his role with the team. Nowadays, Doug can't stay out of trouble. He had to do some time for pulling out a gun during a traffic dispute in 2009. If it weren't for his bad temper, Wrenn could've been in the league sonning his hometown friends all over again.