Accolades: NYC Streeball legend, averaged 26 PPG in HS

Black Jack Ryan was and still is a deadly three-point shooter. His jumper is so money his other nickname is "Water." The game came so effortlessly to Jack, he never took it seriously until it was too late. He had a drinking problem and was never in shape, but it didn't matter. Ryan still became a legend.

When he was 29, he got a tryout with the Nets, but injured his knee and was told to go to the CBA to get in shape. He wasn't feeling that and went back to running pick-up games in his hometown of Brooklyn. Chris Mullin once said, Jack was the best shooter he had ever seen that never played in the NBA. These days he travels the country as the "Hoop Wizard" performing magic tricks with basketballs like spinning eight at a time during halftime shows and birthday parties.