Accolades: 2000 adidas ABCD MVP

There was actually a player ranked higher than LeBron James in high school and his name was Lenny Cooke. A year older than James, Cooke was a 6'6" manchild that could do no wrong on the basketball court. All that changed one fateful day at the 2001 ABCD camp. Lenny's team beat Carmelo's squad to set up a showdown between he and James. With LeBron's team down by two, James hit game-winning three-pointer in Cooke's mouth to win the game. LeBron outscored Lenny 24-9. That was the day Lenny Cooke started to head in the wrong direction. He lost confidence, took advice from the wrong people and the rest is history. These days he's overweight and still hanging on to the hoop dreams he had over a decade ago.